Japanese Paratrooper Bayonet JB-128

Produced as a side knife for Rangers and paratroopers, this Bayonet follows the overall pattern of the standard issue blades with changes to make the weapon more compact. The top of the tang is stamped with the logo of the Toyada Automatic Loom Works next to the approval stamp of Nagoya Arsenal, with a pair of smooth wood grips installed and “2249” stamped on the butt. With a properly sized blue steel sheath and a leather frog. These bayonets are one of the rarest Japanese edged weapons to find.
The overall condition is excellent with average wear. The fittings retain the vast majority of its bluing and the wood grip has there typical dings but is in very nice shape. The blued blade has been sharpened, as is the case with most Japanese bayonets The shortened scabbard is excellent and the leather frog is one of the better ones I have seen lately. An excellent example of a rare bayonet. SOLD