Iwo Jima Engraved Purple Heart

USM-181        Iwo Jima Engraved Purple Heart
USMC engraved Purple Heart with the short coffin style box for a marine
who was killed in action on Iwo Jima
Cpl. John H. Muller HQ co., 3rd Bn, 28th Marines was a mortar man that
landed with the RCT-28 on the left flank with the objective of cutting off
Mt. Suribachi from the rest of the island. In 5 days of intense fighting the
unit achieved their objective and were pulled off the line and put in reserve.
On D+10, they went back into the line, fighting until the southern portion of
the island was declared secure on March 16. There was one strong hold left
on Kitano point that was occupied by approximately 500 Japanese soldiers.
Cpl. Muller was killed on March 18th taking this last point of resistance.
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