SA dagger by Christianswerk

DSA-197        SA dagger by Christianswerk
An early SA dagger by Christianswerk that has one of the best blades around.
Nice silver nickle cross guards and grip eagle with a beautiful rosewood
grip that has some exotic dark areas, giving it an contrasting style. There is
a small crack in the grip. The scabbard has the majority of its anodized finish,
with the typical wear and a few spots. The fittings are in good shape with a
lightly dented ball tip. The best part is for last! A stunning blade that ranks
among the best. Clean and crisp etching with perfect detail and background.
The makers logo is tops in detail also, and the cross graining is all there.
If your a minty blade guy, they dont get any better than this one. DSA-197   SOLD

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