M42 EF SS Marked Combat Helmet HS-178

EF64, #2456 (or 2458 bad stamping)
This SS helmet looks to have had a coat of reissue or field applied paint that didn’t adhere to the factory paint very well. It also looks to have some remnants of a another decal too, so maybe a reissue. Any way, its all legit and original! The liner is in good condition and marked 1943 on the liner band, with one finger of the leather liner having a crack. The leather is dark and has a SS marking on the rim. Cant make it all out but it looks like 4 B_ SS _ _ _ _ Could be a research project. The chin strap is the steel buckle type with a rbn number. SS Marked helmets are rare, and this one is priced right!  SOLD

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