M33 EM/NCO SS Dress Dagger by Eickhorn DS-161

This is an interesting piece that has one of the nicest blades around. The scabbard looks to be an period repaint, and its interesting to see a screw hole in the bottom side half way down, the same location for a SS Chained dagger fitting. The scabbard fittings are the early nickle/silver with some wear and a few scratches. The cross guards and grip eagle are also the early type that are in excellent condition. The ebony grip is also in great shape and looks to have had a few touch ups.
The blade is one of the better ones I have seen lately, with full cross graining, a killer motto with crisp edging and background and barely any runner marks. Maker marked RZM 941/37/SS, which is the rzm code for Eickhorn made in 1937. Great blade! SOLD

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